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CIS Row Color (2)
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Developer: EMA Design Automation
Version: 1.0
Plug-In Type: OrCAD Capture
For Use With: Requires OrCAD Capture 17.2 or Higher
Size: 5 MB

Price: FREE
Highlight rows in CIS explorer based on user defined conditions
App Description
This app allows users to highlight rows in CIS explorer based on user defined conditions. With the app you can define a row color and/or a row text color. An example use model would be to set up rules to highlight rows based on part status. Red for obsolete. Yellow for unapproved. Green for approved.

This app provides extensive logic support so users can key off any CIS field and even develop rules based on a combination of fields using and/or logic.

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Very useful

In some cases (installed on 16 machines in our company) causes permanent memory consumption (1MB/sec) until Capture crashes
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