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EDAisWare CoolEditBox (13)
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Developer: EDA Integrity Solutions, Inc.
Version: 1.0
Plug-In Type: OrCAD Capture
For Use With: OrCAD Capture 16.5 & Above
Size: 233 KB

Price: FREE
Advanced Editing Features for OrCAD Capture. Reduce drawing time and avoid tiresome manual work.
App Description
This app provides a virtual toolkit of productivity enhancing commands to OrCAD Capture.

List of Commands Available:

  • Add Nets to Hblock: Automatically connects nets with alias
  • Add Nets with Alias: Automatically connects net with alias to Hierarchical Port and Off Page Connectors
  • HPort From: Automatically connects Hierarchical Port to schematic net
  • Bus From: Automatic Bus creation
  • Off Page From: Automatically Connects Off Page Connector to schematic net
  • Replace HPort From: Replaces an existing input port to output and vice versa
  • Replace Off Page From: Replaces an existing input Off Page Connector to output and vice vera
  • Toggle IO: Run on Hierarchical block and converts input pin to output and vice versa

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User Reviews (13)
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Very useful! I had to put the tcl scripts in my CapAutoLoad folder in orde to get them to work. Some feature requests, if the devs are feeling generous: 1. Reverse port/offpage direction command 2. Add support for bi-directional offpage connectors (may need to make a symbol for this)

It doesn't work in 17.2 :(

User Person
This app is awesome!!! Until you update to Cadence 17.2... Then the scripts crash capture and prevent it from starting. I really really hope this functionality is added to the core Cadence software, as this is absolutely critical functionality.

How do you install this ? It doesn't work for me (16.6). Every App should come with proper Installation Instructions.

Roland 66-67
Guess I will have to give this 1 star, since the no stars option is not available, just like this app wont work with OrCAD 17.2. Very disappointing as it WOULD be a great help. Developers, please create 64 bit versions of APPs.

This is extremely useful in automating the adding of bus lines, off sheet and ports by just selecting the wires and picking the type (bus, off page, etc) and which side you want it to appear (right, left). So much easier than placing each bus entry or individual wire ports.

Works beautifully. Put all the .tcl files in C:\Cadence\SPB_16.5\tools\capture\tclscripts\capUtils folder, restart.

Cool features if your schematic page grid is the default 0.100". Unfortunately my schematic page grid is set to 0.075" so I can get more parts on a B sized page. Developers might consider scaling to the schematic page grid rather than fixed to 0.100"

Time saving app

The function 'Add Bus from...' only seems to support bus names like DATA[0-15] and not DATA[15:0] or DATA[15..0]. Is this configurable?


This should be part of the OrCAD default installation.
I had some trouble with the installation. Did Step 3 below to get it to work.
1. Run the .exe
2. Keep the default installation location.
3. Once install is complete, copy only the *.tcl files from install_path\EDAis\CoolEditBox\TCL directory to C:\Cadence\SPB_16.6\tools\capture\tclscripts\capAutoLoad directory
4. Restart OrCAD
English grammar is a bit messed up but not to difficult to figure out. For instance "Replace Out Ports from Left" means "Replace (selected Ports with) Out Ports (with text) from left (side)"
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