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Capture INI Manager (3)
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Developer: Cadence Design Systems
Version: 2.1
Plug-In Type: OrCAD Capture Tcl Development Framework
For Use With: OrCAD Capture 16.5 and Above
Last Updated: 4/2/2013

Price: FREE
Framework for manipulating the Capture INI file
App Description
The capture INI Manager package is an OrCAD Capture application for manipulating the Capture INI file. This package will work with OrCAD Capture 16.5.This application allows users to load INI settings from a user specified INI file, query INI values, and manipulate them using Tcl.

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User Reviews (3)
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Andreas - Danish CCP
We use this app for almost all cds_site setups we do for our Customers. You can read more about it in cadence support forums. PS. for the "" problem just add an extra " for every " (""hi"") then the extra " is removed and the ini file works fine.

Very useful tool when having a centralized ini file. It seems however as if opening and closing quotation marks (") in an ini-file are removed during capIniLoad.

Can't load .ini file, GUI would be nice...
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