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GraserWARE Import Export Properties (3)
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Developer: Graser Technology Co., Ltd.
Version: 1.0
Plug-In Type: PCB Editor
For Use With: PCB Editor 16.5 & Above
Size: 18.2 MB

Price: FREE
The Import/Export Properties App enables users to extract or update large-scale OrCAD PCB properties using an Excel file
App Description
The Import/Export Properties Program is capable of exporting the Part, Part Pin, and Flat Net properties of an OrCAD circuit diagram to an Excel file as well as updating the circuit diagram via the Import features. The complete interface and convenient configuration of fields allow users to employ Excel to extract or refresh OrCAD circuit diagram properties on a large scale.

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User Reviews (3)
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So far this is useless. 1) won't open .xlsx, or .xls property files - Error Invalid class string, ProgID: "Excel.Application" 2) won't export properties - From Tcl:"invalid command name "0x800401f3 {Invalid class string}"

‘clipboard’ command was relied on Tk library in tcl/tk. In earlier version of capture, there is a window titled ‘tk’ popped while capture startup. If users closed this window, Tk library will be unloaded, and all commands provided by Tk will be unavailable. To avoid this error, should not close the window manually. So, let it be there, it will be hidden after this app is called.

This may be a useful tool but as I get message "Error:can't invoke "clipboard" command: application has been destroyed" each time I try it, the excel file created is no good.
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