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EDAisWare Gather Datasheet (2)
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Developer: EDA Integrity Solutions Ltd.
Version: 1.1
Plug-In Type: OrCAD Capture
For Use With: OrCAD Capture 16.5 & Above

Price: FREE
Automatically compile all component data sheets, which are in use in particular design into one place.
App Description
This app looks for "Datasheet" property of placed components and copies them into "Datasheet" directory, where the design is located.

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User Reviews (2)
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Can only access local files :-(

Bud E.
Works well if all your datasheets are on local server. Will not pull from the internet for me. Possibly due to firewall but may be a limit to the app. If this could pull PDF files from the linked internet locations I would give it 5 stars. Customer service is top notch. I had a tweak request for the name of the link because of a program conflict and was sent the update by the next morning. Extremely responsive.
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