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GraserWARE Scale Logo Symbol (4)
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Developer: Graser Technology Co., Ltd.
Version: 1.0
Plug-In Type: PCB Editor
For Use With: OrCAD & Allegro PCB Editor 16.5 & Above
Size: 492KB

Price: FREE
Free App enables easy scaling of mechanical logos on your board
App Description
When a created mechanical logo symbol is placed on the board, the space where the symbol can be placed may be too small, causing this logo symbol to cross over onto the components, cover component pins, or even cross over to the drill hole. Users may also feel that this logo symbol is too small and want to enlarge it. When these situations occur, normally users just create a new logo symbol to place on the board. Now, this app enables users to perform the enlargement or reduction of this logo symbol.

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User Reviews (4)
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Gets the job done if a bit clunky. You have to import logo in the symbol editor and save as a mechanical symbol first. Then place the mechanical symbol to a design and finally use the script to scale it to something sensible.

Would be nice if this worked on format symbols

Does not scale a Logo with shapes

Instant App, works well, enables saving of of new footprint
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