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DFM Now! (1)
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Developer: Numerical Innvoations
Version: 6.4.0
Plug-In Type: PCB Editor
Requirements: PCB Editor 16.5 & Internet Conenction
Size: 28.4 MB

Price: FREE
Free DFM and analysis and Gerber viewing package from the DFM experts Numerical Innovations
App Description

Update - Version 6.4.0
- 10% Overall Performance Gain
- DXF/DWG Import - Accepts Arc Resolution in Degrees
- OrCAD / Allegro PCB Editor is no longer suspended by launching DFM Now App
- Improved Importing of compressed files (Tar, Zip, GZ, TGZ)
- Optimized for Win7

DFM Now! - Revolutionizes DFM Checks for PCB Designers

While most PCB Layout tools are very good at performing DRC (Design rules check), they rarely capture many common DFM (design for manufacturing) problems that are hidden in the physical artwork (i.e. gerber, drill files). It's the artwork which is ultimately used to manufacture your boards and any hidden problems in your artwork WILL AFFECT the manufacturability and yield of your boards. This is why using a Gerber Viewer has been so popular for the past 15 years; but unless you have eyes like a hawk, simply looking at gerber files (containing hundreds of signals & thru holes) inside a Gerber Viewer without DFM capabilities is just an invitation for mistakes.

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This app was great until the most recent version was released. It forces an update and now you need a subscription to their service to use the core functions. Now it is just a waste of time.
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