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Capture Cached Object Reporting (4)
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Developer: Cadence Design Systems
Version: 1.0
Plug-In Type: OrCAD Capture
For Use With: OrCAD Capture Version 16.5 and Above
Size: 133KB

Price: FREE
Reports out-of-date cached objects in the active Capture design
App Description
Easily determine your cache is up to date with this free App from Cadence.

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User Reviews (4)
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Won't install: "Cadence version 16.50.006 is required to install this application." In the market place it claims to work with "16.5 and above". I've had other apps give me a warning about the version but they will install and I can use them. My OrCAD version: 16.6 S039

Doesnt install, seems only for 16.5. Not useful

Running OrCAD 16.60.071 which would seem to be above 16.5. Get a message during install that 16.5 or greater is required (fails to install). Stellar code writing guys!

Still won't install without 16.5.006. Looks useful but still broke.
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