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OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor apps provide access to new and enhanced features and capabilities, providing immense power to customize the user interface, command structure, and design database. Designers can apply automation to manual processes to complete design tasks faster, difficult operations can be streamlined, and custom features that do not exist natively can be downloaded to further enhance and extend the OrCAD environment.


Add New Capabilities
Search, find, and download
new capabilities to augment
your OrCAD workflow directly
from your tools or within
your standard browser

  Improve Productivity
Instantly increase productivity
with apps created to make
designing PCB's with OrCAD
as efficient and automated as

  Generate Advanced Reports
Derive valuable data from
your design tools with
customized reporting apps
and scripts
  Direct OrCAD Integration
No need to learn a new interface
or deal with intermediate file
translations.  Apps appear
directly inside your OrCAD tools

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