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A Nonlinear Capacitor Model for Use in the PSpice Environment
Given the relationship between the current through a nonlinear capacitance and the voltage applied to it, analog behavioral modeling can be used to model any nonlinear capacitor whose capacitance, C(V), is a function of the voltage applied to it. 12/01/2009
All Design Reuse is Not Created Equal
With CircuitSpace design reuse technology, users can leverage content from previous designs as simple as an IC and its support circuitry in a matter of seconds; even if some of the components used between designs do not exactly match. This article details 05/28/2010
Analog Behavioral Modeling
Examples of how the Analog Behavioral Modeling feature in the Cadence® PSpice® environment can cope when generic SPICE fails 12/01/2009
ARM Based Microcontroller Systems Design Using TimingDesigner
Today, engineering teams in the electronics industry face unprecedented challenges in product development characterized by shorter design cycles, stringent cost constraints, new feature requirements, and smaller geometries. In order to help you accelerate 05/28/2010
PCB Magazine 04/29/2011
Automate your New Part Introduction Process with OrCAD
This demonstration will highlight how easy it is to download part distributor information directly into OrCAD Capture CIS. You also will discover how CIP can help automate new part requests and streamline the part selection process, how you can get better 06/21/2010
Automated Component Placement with CircuitSpace
This presentation shows how CircuitSpace® allows Cadence® Allegro® and OrCAD® users to automate this process through an automated placement of board components, drastically simplifying a designer's task of manual placement. 08/27/2010
Automated Interface Timing Analysis with TimingDesigner
In this presentation, we will introduce the concept of and then demonstrate how to perform an interface analysis for an asychronous interface using TimingDesigner. 09/16/2010
Autowiring in OrCAD Capture
Spending too much time manually defining connectivity in your schematics? This presentation demonstrates how unique automated wiring capabilities in Cadence® OrCAD® Capture free you from tedious point and click methodology, allowing you to focus on engine 07/08/2010
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