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nsWare PCB Stacking Stripe (0)
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Developer: Nordcad Systems A/S
Version: 1.06
Plug-In Type: PCB Editor
For Use With: PCB Editor 16.6 & Above
Size: 20 kb

Price: FREE
PCB manufacturing quality can be ensured through visual inspection if a PCB Stacking Stripe is used. Generate this PCB stacking stripe using this utility.
App Description
The program generates a PCB Stacking stripe symbol which will ensure better PCB quality.

The symbol consists of 2 copper areas on each layer.

Place the PCB Stacking stripe so that it straddles the edge of the PCB where it is cut from the panel. The result is that a quick inspection of the manufactured PCB will determine if the layers are produced in the correct order since a stair stepping pattern can be seen.

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