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SymbolGen (2)
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Developer: EMA Design Automation
Version: 1.2.0
Plug-In Type: OrCAD Capture
For Use With: OrCAD Capture 16.5 and Above
Size: 12.0 MB
Trial Period: 7 Days

Price: FREE
Automated symbol generation tool using advanced PDF datasheet extraction technology
App Description

New in Version 1.1.0
- Added capability to automate negative logic character insertion such as the appending of a ‘L’, ‘_N’, or the backslash indicating over-bars over specific characters.

The SymbolGen App allows users to extract specifications from the datasheet, convert the information into a useful tabular format, and export to OrCAD Capture for symbol generation. Its PDF extraction includes powerful tools to handle countless variations in data sheet layout, as well as BGA maps and SOIC diagrams. Data preparation tools are provided to quickly organize data, input column assignments, and remove unwanted information.

Unlike other tools that simply pull PDF data, SymbolGen completes the process with powerful pin management tools. In SymbolGen pins can be automatically partitioned, assigned to interface groups, and structured at a high level of abstraction. Report features are included to check for accuracy and completeness, further eliminating the chance of errors and costly rework. When finalized the symbol information is imported to OrCAD Capture for use in your schematic.

Top Benefits
- Eliminate countless hours of manual entry with the most advanced PDF data sheet  extraction technology

- Quickly build and manage complex symbols with 1000’s of pins that would require hours if not a full day to build using manual methods

- Efficiently prepare OrCAD ready Symbols with unique pin name creation, intelligent pin assignment, and symbol fracturing

- Reduce human error and increase consistency with reports that check accuracy

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what's the install code? EMA-EDA is Waste, all does not take!!! [Editors Note]: App Install code is provided in confirmation email after successful app download. A valid email must be provided to recieve an install code.
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