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FloWare LabelTune (0)
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Developer: FlowCAD
Version: 1.3
Plug-In Type: PCB Editor
For Use With: PCB Editor version 16.5 and above
Trial Period: 30 Days
Size: 30MB*

Price: FREE
Automatically adjust PCB Editor RefDes labels to match part orientation and size
App Description
FloWare LabelTune automatically adjusts PCB editor reference description labels. This reduces the time spent making assembly documentation and adds clarity to the reference designator nomenclature. Part definition occurs during library definition, outside of design context, and often leaves translation issues, such as overlap, when parts are placed on the board. These issues involve tedious manual formatting to clean up. LabelTune allows you to optimize this text in minutes, with easy settings for aligning, and sizing. Components can be optimized individually, or you can select areas to update.

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