The semiconductor and system design industry is undergoing a disruptive transformation so profound that even the best-known companies will be affected. This transformation is not about new electronic design automation (EDA) tools. It’s not about new methodologies. It’s not about the functional verification crisis or the move to electronic system-level design. It is about something much larger.

The EDA industry now stands at a crossroads where it must change to continue as a successful business. The change begins with a shift from traditional design creation to integration in the electronic systems industry, and it results in a new focus on profitability.

Change begins with EDA360, a new vision for what the EDA industry can become.

Moving from Design Creation to Integration
A few large semiconductor companies will continue to follow Moore’s Law and migrate to lower process nodes that offer power, performance, and die-size advantages. These companies are traditional design creators. And while they provide a crucial role, only a few can exist.

Some of these design creators will redefine themselves to become integrators. They will integrate at the silicon, SoC, and system levels. As such, they need the most effective means of locating, evaluating, and sourcing IP. They will rely on externally designed silicon and bare-metal software IP, they will tend to stay at mature process nodes. They will need to verify and test mixed-signal platforms and SoCs, and they will invest heavily in embedded software development. These integrators will become application-focused platform providers, not just chip providers.

So far the EDA industry has only served the needs of traditional creators, who are focused on productivity. Integrators, however, are focused on profitability. And to close the profitability gap without sacrificing quality or schedule, integrators require a different set of tools and capabilities.

Realizing the Way Forward for EDA
EDA360 provides an expanded, 360-degree vision of a revitalized EDA industry that serves integrators as well as creators. EDA360 will close the profitability gap through integration-ready IP creation, integration, and optimization. Given that embedded software can take up half the cost of SoC development, EDA360 also supports hardware/software integration and verification. While traditional EDA focuses on engineering teams only, EDA360 will provide capabilities for project and business management.

With EDA360, we start with an understanding of the software applications that will run on a given hardware/software platform, define system requirements, and then work our way down to hardware/software IP creation and integration.

EDA360 will ensure a vibrant, pioneering electronics industry, one that will not only change the way we work and play, but also provide solutions for energy conservation, the environment, healthcare, education, and transportation. By collaborating with our ecosystem partners, we can provide the necessary support for System, SoC, and Silicon Realization and enable a new era of application-driven design.

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